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A perfect way to enjoy the Great Canadian Sandhills!  

I was lucky to be blessed with this natural wonder right by our farm when I was growing up.  The sand hills have moved and changed quite a bit since I was young but their splendour never ceases to amaze me.  It is incredible to see them in all their golden glory amidst the rugged ranch land.
This pose was so fun, never tried it before, had people running in and out to place the cherry on top, wondered if it would work, if it would be hard on the back … went for it anyway and it has remained a family highlight!  This was a few years ago and I would like to see how we would do again.  You girlies up for it?
This is my dollies and I photographed by my sister Jacey Campbell, my sister - "photography by jacey"

Fun with Lori Lee and a gaggle of lovely gals.

Hey Yogis and Mummas and Papas,

I did the most fun thing the other day with Lori Lee and a gaggle of lovely gals.  Lori Lee is the owner and senior instructor at Yoga Haven and she took us on a S.U.P. Yogic adventure on Wascana Lake (stand up paddle board yoga).  It was a blast!

Lori Lee's gentle, fluid teaching style went perfectly with this aqueous practice.  Out in nature experiencing the elements, especially that of water, on a whole new level.  Normally we are on the earth and our practice has a more dense, earthy quality to it.  Being on the water, less stable yet more fluid, lit up the felt experience of our liquid, fluid bodies.  It was a beautiful experience.  Awareness of where we grip to balance became so obvious and that is what sent me into the brink in utthita parsvakonasana (side angle pose).  I can often be heard saying you can't muscle your way into this balance pose, there needs to be some give and take, some fluidity, flexibility to find balance.  This drove that lesson home.  It was extremely intriguing to feel the liquidity of your own body while in some pretty intense poses.  Even while holding still the foundation was moving thus making the pose feel so much more fluid.  This practice asked us to deepen our understanding of sthira sukha (the balance between stability and ease).

It was also interesting to watch my mind set shift after I took the plunge, I then had nothing to loose!  Being free of the resistance to falling in released me. 

We learned a bit about maneuvering the S.U.P., did some exhilarating yoga, pretty much a regular class, while floating on the water!  Standing poses, balance poses, inversions (yes inversions!  headstand and shoulder stand) back bends, twists, forward bends and savasana (corpse pose) of course.    I recommend you all give it a try (in September when she is doing it again, take a kid).

Thank you very much Lori Lee! 







I'm not Megan Currie but sometimes I think I would like to be.


Can't sleep, stumbled across Megan Currie's website, watched a video of her doing her amazing asana practice in her sparsely decorated apartment.  It look so simple.  I live with 1 husband, 4 children and 2 dogs.  Life is just not that simple, it's complicated, messy, cluttered, and wonderfully full.  At times I long for simplicity, sparse decor, minimalistic ... they all fight me.  Each beautiful little hoarder that I live with wants more and more stuff.  We are all messy with the stuff we have which is stressful to exist in.  It gets overwhelming all the simplifying, streamlining that I want to do and … there it is, the
second arrow ... guilt  - showing up as a tight throat and heavy heart.  "What kind of Santosha is this?"  followed by my inner teenager telling that voice to "Fuck Off".  Sometimes I really like the raw truthfulness of teenagers.