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I'm not Megan Currie but sometimes I think I would like to be.


Can't sleep, stumbled across Megan Currie's website, watched a video of her doing her amazing asana practice in her sparsely decorated apartment.  It look so simple.  I live with 1 husband, 4 children and 2 dogs.  Life is just not that simple, it's complicated, messy, cluttered, and wonderfully full.  At times I long for simplicity, sparse decor, minimalistic ... they all fight me.  Each beautiful little hoarder that I live with wants more and more stuff.  We are all messy with the stuff we have which is stressful to exist in.  It gets overwhelming all the simplifying, streamlining that I want to do and … there it is, the
second arrow ... guilt  - showing up as a tight throat and heavy heart.  "What kind of Santosha is this?"  followed by my inner teenager telling that voice to "Fuck Off".  Sometimes I really like the raw truthfulness of teenagers.