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Featured Teacher: SCOTT MCLEAN

A long time member of the health and fitness communities of Regina, Scott brings his experience, irreverent sense of humour, and passion for sharing the good stuff to his yoga classes. Firey by nature, Scott was drawn to the vigorous and energetic Hot and Vinyasa styles of yoga, but found balance in the calm and quiet energetics of Yin and Restorative. Blending these elements together to create harmonious and sensual classes that link mind, body and breath is his focus. Teaching yoga since 2010 Scott is continuously amazed and delighted with the unfolding of his yogic path. Never stagnant or still, the incredible depth of Yoga continues to amaze him, and his interactions with the others he meets on this path are a source of deep inspiration and joy. Scott completed his Teacher Training with Bodhi Tree Yoga in Regina SK, with supplemental trainings in Yin, Restorative, Critical Alignment, and Flow in various fabulous places in Western Canada and Mexico. He hopes your paths will cross sometime soon!


November 13, 2017