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Peace meditations arose out of an article I read in my first teacher training, 13 years ago about studies being done in communities where meditation occurred. The research, though small, showed signs that the entire community benefitted. There was less crime and less stress reported even in those who did not attend the meditations. It was like there was an energetic shift the flowed farther than the meditators and the space they meditated in. Then 9/11 happened, then Paris happened and so forth and so on. We live in a different world and it needs as many peace waves as possible, join the movement! 

Please contact Kim via email - kimlawrence@fulllifeyoga.com or phone 306-527-2044 to let us know you will be attending so we can make sure there are enough seats.
I am so looking forward to sharing this with you.

If your business would like to host a Peace Meditation contact Kim Lawrence via the above contact information.